Following the recent new addition to the Kranzler Eck Berlin, you can discover the craziest confectionery from all over the world in the House of Sweets. From sweet to sour, bitter, salty or spicy, every country has its own various treats that cannot be found in Germany. Whether the popular Twinkies from the USA, Takis Fuego Chips from Mexico, tasty Tim Tam biscuits from Australia, Japanese drinks or Kinder Schokobons Crispy from Dubai, here you will always find the very latest products to appear on the international market. With the craziest combination of flavours, you can really put your taste buds to the test. Or you can sweeten your day or perhaps even your birthday party with the most fantastic confectionery.

The Korean restaurant Soban in the Volierengarten serves exotic delights – with all kinds of flavours brought together in one bowl. It is certainly going down well and word has quickly got around in City West. On the menu are rice dishes, soups, stews and Korean pancakes, among other things. The friendly service and pleasant atmosphere further help to make you feel welcome here. Korean cuisine has its very own appeal and is every bit as delicious as Thai or Chinese fare. In summary, if you enjoy Asian food and like cool locations, then this is the ideal spot for you.

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